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As every homeowner knows, unforeseen expenses can arise at any time when major systems break down, like your heating and cooling system, or when your water heater goes on the fritz.
Smart homeowners take advantage of residential warranty services to help protect them against these unexpected repair costs. The expense of fixing large appliances can be a burden, and ARW offers one low monthly price to cover the major appliances and home systems. With your home warranty from ARW, you can call our toll-free number 24 hours a day, and technician near you come to your home to take care of the issue.
Home warranties give you breathing room when it comes to repairing your expensive home appliances and systems. Our parts and labor carry a 60-day warranty, and we initiate services as soon as possible.
If you need service on a covered appliance or system in your home, you can call our toll-free claims number. For claims in CA or VA, please call (800) 863-8600. For claims in all other states, please call (800) 341-3624. You can also make selection below to place a claim online.

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Claims FAQs

Just call the toll-free claims number, 1-800-341-3624, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report the breakdown of a covered item. Trained claims representatives will work with you to identify the possible cause of the breakdown, and if necessary dispatch the appropriate licensed technician in your area. Please Call 1-800-863-8600 if your property is located in CA or VA.
You only pay a $55 service fee for each covered item. The service fee is payable at the time of service to the technician.
Claims are usually resolved within a week – the majority of them the same day as the service technician’s visit to the home. Delays can occur when a special part needs to be ordered or if the system or appliance needs to be replaced.
If the covered item must be replaced, we will be responsible for replacing equipment of similar features, capacity and efficiency, but not necessarily for matching dimensions, brand, or color, within the terms and limits of the plan you select.
You won’t have to. We will work to set an appointment that best fits your schedule.
No! The $55 service fee applies to each repair or replacement, not each visit. Therefore, if it is necessary for a repair specialist to visit your home multiple times for one particular job, you still only pay $55. There is a 60 day parts and labor warranty on all repairs. So if the item fails again within that time frame you will not have to pay the service fee again.
Your home warranty plan only covers expenses that are reported and authorized prior to the repair to be eligible for reimbursement.
There is no set limit on the number of times you may use our service or submit claims under your agreement, but there are limits on the amount we will spend to repair or replace individual items covered by your plan. The limits will vary based upon the plan chosen. Please see the Terms & Conditions. to view detailed information about plans and limits.

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