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What We Do?

What Is A Home Warranty?

American Residential Warranty has partnered with The Warranty Group, parent company to TWG Home Warranty Services, Inc. to offer Customizable Home Protection Plans. It is specialized coverage for home systems and major appliance breakdowns. Home Protection Plans through ARW offer a national network of service providers who perform quality repair and replacement services.

Why Do I Need A Home Warranty?

I already have a service contract/extended warranties on one (or a few) appliances/systems in my home, why do I need a home warranty? You obviously see the benefits of owning a service contract. But why limit your coverage to just one or two appliances? A home warranty plan is an affordable way to cover several appliances and home systems all at once rather than covering individual appliances on their own. It’s a much better value because you can cover almost your entire home for what it costs to cover three or four appliances individually. And, if you have more than one service contract, why not consolidate your payments into one comprehensive plan?

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be easier to get your home covered through ARW. No home inspection is required! Simply call or click the link below to sign up today, and your plan coverage takes effect in thirty (30) days. If any of your covered systems or appliances breaks down, you simply call our toll-free claims number and we take care of the rest! Sound simple? It is!

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