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About American Residential Warranty

American Residential Warranty utilizes a network of approved service professionals that are licensed and insured for their area of specialty. When our clients have an appliance failure or breakdown, they call us and a technician is dispatched to assess the problem. If the technician and a claims adjuster determine that the needed repair or replacement is covered by the warranty, the technician then completes the work and the client immediately pays a small deductible to the service specialist. Any remaining repair cost within your limit is paid directly to the contractor by us. Due to a constantly increasing client base and the high demand for qualified technicians, we are always looking to expand our contractor network.

Benefits and FAQ


Working with American Residential Warranty, as a service technician, can help expand your business without the hassle and high cost of marketing. While you continue to run your business as usual, you will also receive work orders to service our clients as needed. Partnering with ARW essentially equates to free leads and marketing to bring more business to your company. Due to our large client base, working with ARW can also help increase volume during traditionally slow “seasons”.

You also benefit from building long term relationships with our warranty customers for any current or future repairs that may not be covered by their home service agreement. You may even receive referral business from our clients if their friends or family need repairs to items in their homes. There is no such thing as “too much business”, yet turning customers away can potentially ruin your company’s reputation. If you partner with ARW, we can route high volume work orders to multiple technicians and when your schedule clears, we can route more jobs to you. Ask yourself, “How could my company NOT benefit from working with ARW?”.

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Frequently Asked Question
How can I become an approved service professional with American Residential Warranty?
  • Fill out the contact information form and list your areas of expertise. One of our representatives will contact you to answer any questions you may have about the process and requirements. They will also send out the application package for you to fill out.

What requirements do I need to meet in order to be eligible?

  • All of our service professionals are required to be licensed, insured, and must carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

How will I know if a specific repair/replacement is covered under the client’s service agreement?

  • Our technicians receive approval from a claims adjuster that understands the type of coverage the customer has. It’s as simple as a quick phone call for authorization and then you can start on the repairs if covered.

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