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What does the typical home warranty cover

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A home warranty covers major appliance or system failures in a home. This type of warranty covers homeowners against damage caused normal by wear and tear.

A home warranty covers a variety of things. Coverage depends on the items selected as a part of the policy. The items covered in a policy can include some or all of the following: central air conditioning and heat, ductwork, washers, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, ice makers, ovens, cook tops, exhaust fan, microwave, ceiling fans, garbage disposal, garage door openers, plumbing and electrical systems and various other items.

What can be added on to the typical home warranty?

The typical plan can add several things to the policy. Additional refrigerators or icemakers, washers, dryers, pool, spa equipment, well pumps, additional heat/air conditioning units can all be added.

Major Appliances

What won’t a home warranty cover?

While the home warranty provides substantial protections for many appliances and systems within the home a home warranty will not cover any items covered in your home owners policy. Review your terms and conditions for exclusions and full coverage details.

How does the home warranty work?

When a person invests in a home warranty policy, they are entitled to certain protections as a part of the policy. If a covered system or appliance fails, the repairs are covered as a part of the home warranty plan. When a covered household appliance or system fails, the service call is handled by the warranty provider. The homeowner benefits by utilizing the fully licensed and insured service provider network. Service will be dispatched and the repair authorized by the provider in accordance with the terms of your policy. In cases where the unit cannot be repaired, the unit is replaced and the cost of the appliance, within the limits of the terms, is covered by the home warranty.

Home warranty plans offer coverage for the home regardless of the age of the structure. There are no restrictions for the brands of appliances covered as a part of the warranty. This type of protection makes it easier for homeowners to keep their systems and appliances operating in good condition while minimizing out-of-pocket costs for repairs and replacement services when failures occur. The caveat to this coverage is that the appliances must be in good condition before they are covered as a part of the warranty or plan.

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